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Speaking Orbs

Interactive electronic art for high scale entertaining, corporate functions, art gallery openings, and any other place where you want to break the ice and impress a room of guests with something unlike anything they've ever seen, and will remember forever.

After spending a few years at the fine EMP Experience Music Project in Seattle, The Orbs have been retired. I brought them home and that's all well and good - but they have grown too big for this house. They need a proper home. I am open to ideas, but they need to be installed in a large area as a conversation piece. A lobby. A meditation area at the airport. Something public, or if in a private room, someplace where a lot of entertaining is done. You can reach me at if you have an idea of a good home for the Orbs.

What are they?

Well, I call it an Interactive Sound Sculpture.

It has been displayed in different formats, but currently it's a stand-alone sculpture about 8 feet high by 8 feet wide.

It runs on 120 volts AC.

No water is required to operate the Orbs.

(Well actually, the use of water would be a bad idea altogether, so don't do it.)

I digress...
back to the Orbs.

Like I say, they're a

sound sculpture, so

there's a noise factor.

They use a 5 watt

amplifier and have

waterproof speakers

mounted on opposite

sides of the dish.

They really are,

you know.

The speakers,

I mean.

They're really



Anyway, there's also a light factor.
Orbs love light. Light loves Orbs.
Light reflects off of the polished metal.
You can see yourself!
You can see hundreds of little
images of yourself in the Orbs.

Oh yeah, the light.

The light activates the Orbs.
With the light on, they sing.
Drone, actually.

A pleasing, soothing harmonic drone builds
and carries through a crowded room.
People wonder what that sound is.

"I wonder what that sound is?"

(I've heard them say it myself).

The Orbs are hard to miss.

Hard not to approach.

Even without the drone.

When you stand at the Orbs you notice that when you bend to look inside, you hear a stereophonic rustling of chimes. You pull back. Silence. Except the drone. You lean in, and there's the chimes again. "Nice!" (I've heard them say it myself.)
You pass a hand over one of the Orbs. More chimes. You try two Orbs. Different notes! You wave your hand over them all and delight your friends. You are the Maestro!

Speaking Orbs.

Available for most functions.

You can contact me at:

Places you may have enjoyed the Speaking Orbs recently:

  • Woodinville Currently back at home with us!
  • EMP - Experience Music Project 2002 through 2007 as a mobile installation.
  • EMP - Experience Music Project April 2, 2001 as part of CHI.
  • On The Boards in the main lobby to promote emuse 2.
  • The Speakeasy during a bensfit for CPSR.
  • The Intiman Theater
  • The Harbor Club
  • Art Center Gallery at Seattle Pacific University
  • The Grand Ballroom of the Westin Hotel (CyberMedia Premiere. I hope you saw it!)
  • The Grand Ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel
  • The Swan
  • The Weathered Wall
  • The Art Institute of Seattle
  • The Black Citroen
  • My home (Hard to keep the kids from them!)

And not so recently,

but the most impressive.
(Thanks Ed and Janet!)
  • COCA - The Center On Contemporary Art - Summer 1994 as part of a show called "Random Access."

Feel free to email me if you like.
Always nice to hear from visitors.